MScMCE Orientation Day, 2023-2024

MScMCE Orientation Day, 2023-2024

We are excited to extend a warm welcome to the new students of the MScMCE 2023 cohort! 

To welcome new students and help them become acquainted with the campus environment and facilities, an Orientation Day was held on 29 August 2023. Our Programme Director Dr. Tracy Zhang and Associate Programme Director Ms. Elaine Ng delivered a warm-hearted speech to welcome students to the #MScMCE #HKBU. Dr. Bryan Chung and Dr. Tracy Zhang also gave brief introductions on our unique curriculum (#ArtXMarketing). 

After an introduction to the programme curriculum, a fun ice-breaking game, and insightful sessions provided by the University and School support units, both the students and the Programme Team enjoyed a day filled with fun and learning. 

We wish all the students a fruitful learning journey ahead and look forward to making this academic year a wonderful experience together! 

#MScMCE #hkbu